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FOUR COLOR #456, 2.0 GD

Condition: Good (GD)


3/1953 - UNCLE SCROOGE, BACK TO THE KLONDIKE. Cover art by Carl Barks. Back to the Klondike, script & art by Carl Barks; Scrooge takes pills to restore his failing memory, and immediately recalls the location of bag of nuggets he cached in the Yukon fifty years before; When the ducks arrive in the Klondike, they find that Scrooge's claim has been taken over by Glittering Goldie, a dance hall girl he knew in the gold rush days--and who still owes Scrooge a thousand dollars, plus interest. Somethin' Fishy Here, script & art by Carl Barks; Donald has a fake newspaper that convinces Scrooge that fish have been made the official money of the land. Back cover strip by Barks. *Note: small piece out of back cover.

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