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9/1974 - Written by Roy Thomas. Art by Gil Kane and Tom Sutton. Cover by Gil Kane, John Romita, and Ernie Chan. The Hour of the Dragon; Conan, King of Aquilonia, wakes from a dream, and hears invisible footsteps; Meanwhile, a dark sorcerer is being resurrected by black arts!; Can even the mightiest warrior of the Hyborian Age withstand such powers? Acheron: A Revisionary Theory article by Robert Yaple. Map of Acheron (circa 13,000 B.C.). Conan the Unconquered article by Roy Thomas. Written by Roy Thomas. Art by Barry Windsor-Smith and Sal Buscema. The Twilight of the Grim Grey God!; Conan converses with God Borri Borri, participates in a great and bloody battle, and kills Malachi.

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