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SHOWCASE #26, 1.8 GD-

Condition: Good (GD)


5-6/1960 - Cover by Joe Kubert. "The Aliens from 2,000 B.C.", script by Jack Miller, art by Joe Kubert; An egyptology professor asks for Rip's help in solving mysterious hieroglyphs showing the ancient Egyptians worshipping unknown gods; With his fellow time masters tagging along, Rip takes the Time Sphere into the year 2000 B.C., landing in the ancient Egypt village of El Karnak., where two alien beings from another world have been portraying themselves as gods and demanding tribute from the poor villagers. A flash of light occurs and two more alien visitors appear; They explain they came to recapture the two escaped criminals that made it to Earth; Continued in Rip Hunter, Time Master #1.

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